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Codarts Dance Company presents: Talent on the move BBBRAVO!!!

While half of the Netherlands is demonstrating against the cabinet policy by voting, I am witnessing a demonstration of over thirty pupils of the Codarts Dance Company from Rotterdam. 'Talent on the Move' is a yearly tour programme. A collaboration between the aforementioned dance company and the Holland Dance Festival.

What remains of human contact when we communicate via screens?

WERC & Very Theatre - The Place Where We Meet What remains of human contact when we communicate via screens?

"Ni hao!" An enthusiastic group of people greet the audience. We hesitantly answer 'Hello' back. A live broadcast connects us with the capital of Taiwan. Taipei is about a twelve hour flight away from the Netherlands, and there is about a six hour time difference. Despite being so far away in both distance and time, Groningen and Taipei meet each other – right here, right now. At the time, this contact seemed obvious to us, but a lot has preceded this moment.

شبیه ساز پرواز	- Flight Simulator

Omid Aghondi – Interview شبیه ساز پرواز - Flight Simulator

Some time ago, Lysette van Geel, author and former presenter of the Jeugdjournaal, wrote down the story of Omid Aghondi. Since then, ‘Omid’s Flight’ has become widely read and is frequently read at primary schools. Omid’s story also lends itself perfectly to a theatre production.

Theatre at Home: For now, Thursdays are days of wonder

Club Guy & Roni and Slagwerk Den Haag Theatre at Home: For now, Thursdays are days of wonder

It takes some getting used to. I'll be experiencing a theatre production. Without buying a ticket, without a date to write down in my diary, without dressing up for the occasion, without so much as having to walk to the theatre to become part of the expectant mass of spectators who read their programme booklet carefully. And even more so, I am unable to experience that delightful moment: the lights dim, the mutterings slowly cease, the curtain opens and the magic starts.

Hell is other people

GUTS - No Exit Hell is other people

Welcome to Hell. Where is purgatory? The torture devices? No lake of fire and brimstone, no devils waiting for your arrival. No. A space. A scarcely decorated room. Three armchairs, red, yellow, green. A letter opener and a door that can only be opened from the outside. It raises questions. Questions that, very frustratingly, are not answered straight away.

‘This is a completely new experience for us’

Circa's Peepshow ‘This is a completely new experience for us’

This is circus company Circa’s third time in Groningen. The performers hope that their show Peepshow will give the audience – and themselves – a whole new experience. Behind the scenes, acrobat Ela Bartilomo tells us about the creative process behind the show and her motivations.

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